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"Food is the best medicine". In Chinese medicine food and nutrition are an integral part of the health and well-being of a patient, both human and animal. Food therapy is one of the five pillars of TCVM and food ingredients are used to directly impact the health of a patient. Food therapy recipes and diet plans are developed according to a TCVM diagnosis of a patient which includes information such as age, species, geographic location, personality and the disease process being treated. The recipes also take into consideration the natural energetic properties of a given food itself including its thermal property (warming vs cooling) as well as its taste (sweet, bitter, sour).

               Food therapy can help in overall health promotion and disease prevention or it can be used as an adjunct therapy or treatment. Because of its nature, however, food therapy is much slower acting than either acupuncture or herbal therapy, but is often used in conjunction with either or both of these modalities for a more complete and beneficial result. At Whole Health we can discuss the option of food therapy with you and discuss whether this would be a good addition to your pets current TCVM and conventional treatments

Food Therapy

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