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Chinese manual therapy used for preventing and treating disease. Tui-na practitioners use various manipulations applied to acupuncture points and meridians; or apply special limb-stretching movements to prevent and treat diseases. Tui-na or An-mo can regulate meridians, soothe joints and sinews, promote circulation of Qi and Blood, balance Zang-Fu organs and strengthen the body's resistance.These techniques of manual therapy have been successfully used for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, Bi syndrome and osteoarthritis, disc problems, peripheral nerve paralysis, Wei syndrome (wasting and general weakness) and internal diseases. Both geriatric and pediatric patients are perfect candidates for Tui-na therapy. Tui-na has a long history. As early as the period of the New Stone Age around 2700 B.C., Chinese ancestors gradually accumulated primitive experience of massage in their attempts to treat illness and injury. For example, treatment with hand pressing, kneading and stroking was called "An-fa" and "Rou-fa". Over 100 different applied techniques have evolved over time. Tui-na overlaps two very useful bodywork systems currently becoming part of mainstream modern Western medicine: massage therapy and chiropractic.

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